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ESL Program

ESL Program – Grades 7-12

Legacy PCA’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program encourages the development of English through intensive instruction for language and literacy development in an academically challenging, research-based environment. The program is designed to consider the students’ learning experiences and shall incorporate the cultural aspects of the students’ backgrounds.

ESL, the primary program of second language instruction, focuses on assisting the student to learn content area subject matter. Instruction, provided in English, is enriched with visuals and manipulatives with extensive use of repetition and application of specific language development tasks. Sheltered instruction techniques (SIOP) are utilized in all classes. Students spend all of their day in mainstream classrooms and receive instruction in English from teachers who have been trained in SIOP strategies. In high school, ELL students are served through a Sheltered English approach. Sheltered English teaching techniques facilitate the acquisition of the second language through content area curriculum. The outcome of ESL programs is that students will participate successfully in the general curriculum and master the challenging demands of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Contact Information:

Dr. Mary Kahama, Federal & Academic Programs Officer – [email protected]