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STRR Culture & Anti-Bullying



Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy has a zero tolerance anti-bullying policy.


Bullying occurs when a student or group of students engages in written or verbal expression, expression through electronic means, or physical conduct that occurs on school property, at a school-sponsored or school-related activity, or in a vehicle operated by the District and that:

  • Has the effect or will have the effect of physically harming a student, damaging a student’s property, or placing a student in reasonable fear of harm to the student’s person or of damage to the student’s property; or
  • Is sufficiently severe, persistent and pervasive enough that the action or threat creates an intimidating, threatening or abusive educational environment for a student.

This conduct is considered bullying if it:

  • Exploits an imbalance of power between the student perpetrator and the student victim through written or verbal expression or physical conduct; and
  • Interferes with a student’s education or substantially disrupts the operation of a school.

Examples of Bullying:

Bullying of a student may include hazing, threats, taunting, teasing, confinement, assault, demands for money, destruction of property, theft of valued possessions, name-calling, rumor spreading, or ostracism.


Cyber-bullying involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group that is intended to harm others. “Cyber-bullying” is when a child, preteen or teen is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones. It has to have a minor on both sides, or at least have been instigated by a minor against another minor. Once adults become involved, it is plain and simple cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking. Adult cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking is never called cyber-bullying.


The LPCA District prohibits bullying as defined by this policy.

Safe & Drug Free

Safe And Drug Free Schools And Communities Program

Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy has adopted several programs to ensure that the needs of our students, families, and staff are supported by creating a safe school.

Legacy offers a comprehensive Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Program based on the Principles of Effectiveness. The purpose of the program is to support comprehensive drug use prevention and violence prevention programs that address the four goals below:

  • Prevent violence in and around schools;
  • Prevent the illegal use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs;
  • Involve parents and communities; and
  • Coordinate with related federal, state and community efforts and resources to foster safe and drug-free schools and communities.

Red Ribbon Week

Each Campus participates in Red Ribbon Week activities which are aimed at educating our students on the dangers of drug use and encouraging them to remain drug free for life.

Bully Prevention

Please see the Legacy’s Bully Prevention webpage for information regarding programs aimed at bullying prevention.