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Commitment to Excellence Compact

Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy is committed to providing a rigorous college preparatory education to each student.

Parent Commitment

As a parent, I fully agree with and commit to the following:

  • I will make arrangements for my child to be at school before or after the school day for tutoring, test preparation classes, detention or other after school programs when required.
  • I will require my child to complete all assignments. As a parent of a primary student, I will try to read with him/her every night.
  • I will read all papers that the school sends home, sign if necessary, and return the following day.
  • I will participate in all meetings and conferences concerning my child.
  • I will support the academic expectations and curricular programs of the school.
  • I will be a role model for my child as I follow the rules, codes, policies and procedures established by the School.
  • I will make arrangements for my child to be picked up from school on time or accept the consequences or penalties.
  • I will make a conscious effort to deliver my child to school daily and on time. I understand that daily attendance is essential to student success.
  • I will notify the school if my child is unable to attend school in a timely manner.
  • I will communicate respectfully with school faculty and staff.
  • I will help my child adhere to LPCA attendance policies.
  • I will ensure my child follows school rules, codes, policies and procedures so as to protect the safety, interests and rights of all individuals in the classroom.