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Curriculum K-6

College & Career Preparatory Education

Our priority at Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy is to empower students to take charge of their education and prepare them for careers with career day presentations. Through public school programs designed to teach students intellectual and emotional independence, our learning academy provides the skills necessary to succeed in and outside of the classroom. Since 2012, our academy charter school has been educating the students of the Dallas metro area, and we are proud to be able to offer Mesquite and Plano locations as well with no tuition costs.

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders

When a student takes ownership of his or her education, the learning process moves beyond simple memorization of facts and dates. The educational experience is then able to reach deeper into skill development, emotional maturation, and more. Our Plano charter school achieves this goal through the use of project-based learning, a philosophy that prioritizes academic partnership between students and faculty.

Learn more about the following innovative programs that contribute to our success:

  • New Tech NetworkProvides access to the latest advances in educational technology and science with programming contests, a STEM academy, honors, and AP.
  • Project Based Learning: Promotes scholar’s active participation in and ownership of their classroom environment with a rigorous curriculum and a reasonable scholar facilitator ratio.
  • K-6 Dual Language Program: Project/Problem-based learning in which students are taught literacy and content in both English and Spanish.
  • ​Spanish Reading Program: Enables scholar success in Spanish acquisition.
  • Chinese Language Program: Provides our scholars the opportunity to learn the Chinese language and experience Chinese culture. Our program is centered around ACTFL’s 5C’s World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages with an emphasis on improving scholars’ communication skills.

Collaborative Learning in a STEM Culture

Our hands-on approach to learning helps cater to every type of learner including our summer camps, teaching training workshops and weekly after school clubs. Our state rated school has the interactive environment within our project-based learning philosophy that teaches our scholars time management skills, self-motivation, problem solving, teamwork, and goal setting. LPCA scholars thrive in an environment where they are being encouraged to discover answers and learning while parents have a parent/student portal to monitor their progress. To find out if our tuition-free public school is right for you, or to learn more about our enrollment process, call us at (469) 998-0213.


Our balanced literacy framework is geared to help our scholars become successful in all content areas. Each day we utilize whole groups, small groups, and independent activities.

Our facilitators provide whole group instruction through reading aloud, shared reading, and word study activities. Scholars receive differentiated small group instruction through guided reading and guided writing to accelerate their learning at their pace.

Scholars are also able to strengthen their skills individually through our independent reading and writing time. Using these various strategies in conjunction with our Project Based Learning approach we are able to meet the needs of all learners.

Contact Information:


Elizabeth Hunter, District Reading Coach [email protected]


At Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy School District, we believe in providing scholars with authentic mathematics experiences through Problem-Based Learning, or PrBL.

PrBL is a form of inquiry-based instruction in Mathematics, and it is similar to Project-Based Learning.

PrBL places scholars in several short, concept-related problem scenarios. Scholars investigate mathematical problems which are connected in context to projects they are working on in other content areas, such as Science or Social Studies.

PrBL lasts shorter time periods than projects, but have similar characteristics, such as collaboration and discourse.

Come join us and become immersed in PrBL at Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy!

Dual-Language Programs


Legacy PCA’s one-way and two-way dual language immersion programs encourage the development of Spanish and English through the use of guided and independent multi-sensory experiences for language and literacy development in an academically challenging, research-based environment across all core content curriculum in order to promote bilingualism and biliteracy. This focus prepares students for a global future by equipping them with an edge toward success in the competitive world of the 21st century.

Project/Problem-based learning in both English and Spanish is the foundation of the curriculum used at Legacy PCA.

Strong parental support and involvement is an integral goal of the program. For English language learners, parental involvement is essential to reinforce children’s native language development and to communicate high expectations about academic achievement.

Dual Language Program Design

Kindergarten students will receive 90% of their instruction in their native language (L1) in the content areas of Language Arts, Science, Math, and receive 10% of their instruction in a second language (L2) in the content area of Social Studies combined with second language literacy basics.

First grade students will receive 80% of their instruction in their native language (L1) in the content areas of Language Arts, Science, Math, and receive 20% of their instruction in a second language (L2) in the content area of Social Studies combined with second language literacy basics.

Second grade students will receive 60% of their instruction in their native language (L1) in the content areas of Language Arts, Science, Math, and receive 40% of their instruction in a second language (L2) in the content area of Social Studies and literacy development;

Third through fifth grade students will follow a 75/25 model.

Sixth grade students will follow a 50/50 model.

Contact Information:

Sandra Vroman, Elementary Curriculum Director [email protected]

Engineering Is Elementary

Why is Engineering for Children?

“Engineering is Elementary (EiE) is an excellent inquiry-based STEM curriculum that teaches students thinking and reasoning skills needed for success. Built around the engineering design process, EiE teaches kids how to solve problems systematically . . . creating skills, optimism, and attitudes important for their futures. Life is not multiple choice.”

Laura J. Bottomley, Ph.D, Director,  The Engineering Place
North Carolina State University

An award-winning engineering curriculum developed by the Museum of Science, Boston is being joined with our PBL framework to bring the field of engineering and alternative education to kindergarten through grade 5 classrooms.  The EIE curriculum combines the engineering design process with a particular field of life science, physical science, or earth and space science. As the students successfully experience the virtual schooling, they build inquiry skills alongside 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. Each curriculum unit fully engages our scholars through a literacy component, which introduces the them to a foreign character experiencing a real-world problem. The scholars then develop the math and science expertise required to problem solve in the particular field of engineering. Engineering fields covered through the traditional school’s curriculum include spatial, materials, electrical, biomedical, aerospace, industrial, ocean, and more!

In order to fully support the Engineering is Elementary initiative; LPCA has successfully certified school district staff members on the curriculum within its organization in collaboration with the Museum of Science, Boston.

Contact Information:

Sandra Vroman, Elementary Curriculum Director [email protected].