LPCA Covid 19 Update

LPCA Covid 19 Update 

Dear Legacy Families,

With the return to school the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has issued Covid-19 warmings. With the uptick in reported cases and hospitalizations in the Dallas area LPCA will continue to provide you the most current updates and guidelines.

The Dallas County  Health and Human Services has provided the following updates, you may use the link below to access this information.


If your child is showing any symptoms (sore throat, fever of 101.5 or higher, runny nose or other cold like symptoms) we ask you to have them tested according to the guidelines and follow the Covid Protocols. LPCA does not enforce the use of masks, but highly encourages the practice. LPCA does NOT offer any virtual classes, we do offer remote conferencing to any student who has a confirmed case of Covid-19 or a Doctor’s note that the scholar should quarantine. If your child fits into these categories please immediately contact [email protected]

Proof of the diagnosis, required quarantine, or positive test is required to participate. This will ensure your child does not fall behind and receive credit for attendance. 

LPCA will provide updates and guidelines to all staff to ensure we are providing the safest learning environment. We ask you to partner with us and discuss these practices with your children. Please remind them to frequently wash their hands and use hand sanitizer. Encourage them to not share drinks or food. In addition, remind them that it is in their best interest not to hug or interact with peers in close proximity. 

LPCA will also monitor the guidelines as far as athletics are concerned and provide you with the most current updates available. There is no reason to panic at this time, we are communicating this information to be proactive and keep ahead of the curve.

We are not at this time activating any policies to limit or change school activities or procedures. We will however continue to monitor and encourage the safest practices for our scholars and staff while on and off campus. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your campus nurse/medic:

Mesquite West High School- Chandra Mendez [email protected]

Mesquite West MS & Elementary-Linda Farris [email protected]

Plano Campus Pre-K-12th grade Cynthia Ferguson [email protected]

LPCA will continue to monitor and assess the situation. The Dallas County Health Department offers assistance with information and immunization locations for Covid 19. Please use these resources to better guide you and your child to a healthy and safe school year. 

Warmest regards,

Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy