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Preparing Students to Become College and Career Ready

Instilling Values In Children To Become Successful Leaders.

A NewTech Network School

Project-based learning is at the heart of our instructional approach.

In project-based learning, learning is contextual, creative, and shared. Project/problem-based learning is the primary mode of instruction in all grades and is integrated with multiple subjects where possible.

Technological Tools to Enact Learning

Students and teachers in a modern classroom need to access information, create high-quality work and support a personalized instructional approach.

"Legacy PCA provides Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses to scholars in grades nine and ten.

Enrollment is open and without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, or disability."

Legacy Mesquite West Secondary Campus

2757 Military Parkway, Mesquite TX 75149 - ENROLLING K - 11 STUDENTS

Engineering is Elementary at Legacy Preparatory!

An award-winning engineering curriculum developed by the Museum of Science, Boston is being joined with our PBL framework to bring the field of engineering to kindergarten through grade 5 classrooms.

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Advanced Preparatory School

At Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy, we pride ourselves in providing students with access to the educational tools they need for successful entry into college and careers. We are a state-accredited charter school and consistently maintain high standards for a quality education. With a focus on fostering the student-teacher relationship, our students know that they are always supported and personally guided through their entire learning experience. In addition, tuition at Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy is free. Call our office at (469) 249-1099 F to learn more about our application process.

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Integrative Educational Experience

Since August 2012, we have operated Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy using project-based learning academic programs. This interactive educational theory promotes teamwork and fellowship between students and faculty. As your educational advocates, our teachers become guides through the learning process, encouraging students to explore and problem solve for a well-rounded educational experience.

We provide the following information about our academics:

Stimulating College Preparatory Environment

Our goal as your student's learning guides is to empower and prepare students for their future college education or career goals. We want our students to feel confident in their ability to succeed in the challenges of a college environment as they progress through their education. For this reason, our focus is on tailoring our learning experiences to ensure that students acquire the knowledge and experience they need to succeed beyond their early educational years. To learn more about our philosophy and to see if our curriculum may be right for you and your family, contact us at (469) 249-1099 F today. We have two separate locations in Mesquite and Plano.

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