Tuition Free State Funded Charter School

STEM Academy / Project Based Learning / Dual Credit / Dual Language


Virtual School



What is LPCA Virtual?

LPCA Virtual is a fully-accredited, tuition-free, online public charter school with open enrollment for scholars in grades K-12 located anywhere across the state of Texas.

The LPCA Virtual remote learning experience is designed to meet the needs of each individual scholar. Our engaging and challenging curriculum is facilitated by state-certified teachers specially trained in virtual education techniques.  

The LPCA Academic program includes:

  • Project Based Learning (PBL)
  • Trilingual Education (English, Spanish, and Chinese)
  • Science, Technology,  Engineering and Math (STEM)
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE
  • Dual Credit career tracks in Technology, Business, Health Science and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Free college courses starting in 9th grade for those who qualify.