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04/06/20 Grab & Go Update

Dear Legacy families,

Due to changes with the USDA, we have a few changes in our Covid-19 emergency meal service. We are no longer able to give food for the weekend.

On Monday, April 6th we will offer 4 days of breakfast and 4 days of lunch for all persons that live in our district and are 18 years old and under. On Tuesday the 14th we will offer 4 days of food, and starting on April 20th we will be back to a 5 day schedule. Unless you are a LPCA parent that we know by sight, you must have the children in the car with you or one of the following: a birth certificate, school ID, report card or letter of enrollment for each child who is receiving food.

For safety, we will only require that you show these documents through the window. We also ask that you open your trunk to allow our staff to place the food inside your trunk. If you do not have a trunk or are unable to open it, we will then place the food near your car and back away from your vehicle for you to be able to get out and safely get the food.  

We will be serving food on April 6, 14, and 20th between the hours of

8:30 am-5:30pm.


Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you back very soon.

Thank you,

LPCA Mesquite West / Plano


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