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Teenagers are notorious for being difficult to talk to, but it doesn’t have to be this way. As your adolescent works his or her way toward adulthood, it becomes ever more important to speak with—rather than to—him or her. Approach your teen in a collaborative manner and you’ll likely find him or her much more open to discussing matters such as the classes at his or her prep school.

Find the Right Time

Telling your teen, “We need to talk,” is a good way to set off the alarm bells in his or her mind because it sounds slightly confrontational. Instead, try to have more naturally occurring conversations. For example, after seeing a movie together that involved teenage pregnancy, you could ask your teen what he or she thinks about this issue. When you pick your teen up from his or her prep school, have a conversation in the car. Many parents find this tactic to be particularly helpful because it eliminates eye-to-eye contact, which can help teens feel more comfortable.

Encourage Two-Way Conversations

It can be tempting to lecture, particularly if your teen misses curfew or fails to turn in an assignment for his or her STEM academy. However, teens tend to ignore lectures. Instead, invite your teen to discuss the issue with you. Ask your child to explain what happened or express his or her feelings about the matter at hand.

Reserve Judgment

Try to avoid rushing to judgment when your teen does open up to you. It’s in a teen’s nature to be fickle. Your child may be adamant about dying his or her hair blue one day, and yet realize the next day that the “natural look” is currently in vogue. Reserving judgment doesn’t mean that you can’t share your perceptions, however. After you solicit your child’s opinion, tell him or her, “Let me share with you what I think about this.”

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