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At Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy, our teachers and administrators are committed to creating a learning environment that emphasizes safety, trust, respect, and responsibility. Scholars at our K-10 schools are required to adhere to our STRR culture and behave appropriately. Children are given a trust card STRR culture bracelet as a reminder of his or her promise to demonstrate proper behavior.

Our charter school has a zero tolerance anti-bullying policy that students and parents are made aware of upon enrollment. Students are prohibited from engaging in cyber-bullying, teasing, taunting, theft, destruction of property, or making verbal or physical threats. We also have adopted programs designed to ensure that our schools are safe and drug-free. These programs support comprehensive drug use prevention and violence prevention. If and when a negative behavior pops up, we handle it immediately, so we can return to the learning.

We are proud of the dedication of our staff and students to STRR culture and campus safety at our schools. Because of these important policies and programs, our charter school students can come to school feeling safe, secure, and ready to learn. For more information on our academic programs and school policies, call us today at (469) 522-3696.