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Not all classrooms are the same! Different scholars have different learning styles, which is why some teaching techniques are successful with certain scholars and not others. Classrooms that utilize project based learning create an environment that helps more scholars learn how to love learning. Keep reading to learn what project based learning is and how it benefits scholars.

What is Project Based Learning?

In traditional classrooms, children sit in desks while teachers lecture about various subjects. While this type of learning environment works for some scholars, it does not encourage a love of learning in all scholars. In fact, it can make some scholars feel bored or uninterested. Project based learning encourages scholars to gain knowledge by allowing them to work on a real world problem or question. By working together, children learn a number of lessons and are able to show their new skills throughout the process. Gifted children benefit from this environment since they can research at their level, never being held back by others!

What Learning Techniques Are Used?

Project based learning employs a variety of techniques to help scholars learn. Since different scholars learn best from different learning techniques, this type of learning can provide the best lessons for the entire classroom. Creative and purposeful play is one of the most important techniques that helps scholars learn with project based learning. Other techniques used include communal activities that promote teamwork, and projects that encourage scholars to be creative and innovative to find solutions.

How Does Project Based Learning Benefit Scholars?

Sitting in a classroom and listening to lectures may not inspire scholars to seek out knowledge as they continue to grow. Project based learning gives scholars the skills they need to learn how to love learning. This will encourage scholars to seek out knowledge, which will motivate them to do well in school and continue learning well into adulthood!

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