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Meet Dr. Good

Dr. Rebecca Good is a 30+ year educator who has worked as a teacher, campus principal, central office executive director, and school superintendent and CEO. She has worked in both an ISD and charter school setting. Dr. Good has two degrees from SMU and two from Texas A&M Commerce. She has taught at the college level since 2007 in both a face-to-face and online settings. She taught teachers who wanted to get their Masters in Curriculum design, educational administration, literacy, and also those who wanted a Masters in Bilingual/ESL education. She has been an educational consultant, a keynote speaker on educational issues, and has presented hundreds of educational workshops and trainings on various educational topics. She also has had two books published and has written and co-written several articles for educational journals. Her current work is to bring relevant, engaging project-based learning opportunities to children through her highly trained teaching professionals.

Dr. Good walks each campus each week to assure the level of instruction stays high. She welcomes the input of staff and parents to make sure the school is meeting stakeholder needs.