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Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy firmly believes that scholars excel when given the proper tools and the freedom to take ownership of their own education. Our prep school utilizes a project-based learning approach, which is characterized by the cooperative efforts of students and their teachers. The faculty members at our K-10 school serve as advocates and guides for our scholars. This enables our students to become emotionally resilient and independent learners.

Our charter school empowers students by offering a curriculum that is relevant to real world applications. We nurture the development of the whole child, teaching our students to be tolerant and understanding citizens of the world. We have a heavy emphasis on “Engineering is Elementary” in K – 5 th grades and a focus on Information Technology (IT) and Health Sciences through our STEM academies. We maintain a respectful, anti-bullying, positive school culture, as exemplified by our Safety, Trust, Respect, Responsibility (STRR) initiative.

If Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy sounds like the ideal K-10 school for your child, give us a call at (469) 552-3696. Or, explore our website to find out more about us, including our courses for programming for kids.