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If your child attends our school, it’s important to make sure that s/he has healthy lunch options that will keep him/her focused and energized throughout the school day. Balanced lunches provide your child with essential nutrients that will sustain brainpower and support learning. Here are some healthy lunch ideas for your child.

Delicious and Nutritious Sandwich Options

Sandwiches should contain lean meats (no more processed food like bologna or hot dogs), cheese, and fresh vegetables on healthy grains. White bread is made from unhealthy, refined white flour, and can give your child a brief energy rush, followed by a long bout of fatigue that affects concentration in the afternoon. Turkey meat can also cause that problem. Instead, opt for chicken or tuna salad, or lean ham or roast beef on whole grain bread. Dress the sandwich with light mayonnaise and fresh vegetables.

Healthy Side Dishes

The best side dish for a healthy lunch is a piece of fruit or some raw vegetables. Fruit contains healthy, natural sugars that can satisfy your child’s sweet tooth, and it also provides key vitamins and nutrients. Consider including apple or orange slices, a bag of grapes, or some dried mixed fruit. Baby carrots, cucumber slices, celery sticks, edamame, and raw broccoli are also great side dishes. Fruit or vegetables can be paired with a low-fat/sugar dipping sauce to make them more appealing to younger students. Chips, Cheetos, Doritos and other unhealthy chips should not make it into a child’s lunch when there are so many better choices as stated above. Become a conscientious label reader, putting back those packages that contain high sugar/fructose/chemicals.

The American Cancer Society has said that processed meat such as hot dogs and certain lunch meats can lead to cancer, so finding healthy alternatives is a parent’s job. Moving towards meatless meals a few times a week could lead to a healthier adult life.

Low-Sugar Lunch Treats

You can include a fun treat in your child’s lunch without resorting to using unhealthy chips or candy. An all-natural or organic snack bar or granola bar can provide an energy boost without a resulting sugar crash. A handful of dark chocolate-covered nuts is another healthy option, as the protein in the nuts provides energy. Again, read the labels before buying. An informed consumer is a healthier consumer!

At Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy, we are committed to empowering parents with teen and child resources that improve student performance at our K-10 schools. This includes offering healthy lunch ideas, a comprehensive student health program, and collaborative tools that facilitate communication between our charter school teachers, parents, and students. To learn more about our PBL STEM academies, call us today at (469) 522-3696.