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Engineering Is Elementary

Engineering Is Elementary At Legacy Preparatory!

An award-winning engineering curriculum developed by the Museum of Science, Boston is being joined with our PBL framework to bring the field of engineering and alternative education to kindergarten through grade 5 classrooms that has free tuition. At our tuition free online school, the EIE curriculum combines the engineering design process with a particular field of life science, physical science, or earth and space science. As the students successfully experience the virtual schooling, they build inquiry skills alongside 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking.Each curriculum unit at our tuition free public school fully engages the students through a literacy component, which introduces the students to a foreign character experiencing a real-world problem. The students then develop the math and science expertise required to problem solve in the particular field of engineering. Engineering fields covered through the traditional schools curriculum include spatial, materials, electrical, biomedical, aerospace, industrial, ocean, and more!

In order to fully support the Engineering is Elementary initiative, Legacy Preparatory is a k12 institution has successfully certified school district staff members on the curriculum within its organization in collaboration with the Museum of Science, Boston.

Contact Information:

Lucas Jimenez, Elementary Curriculum Director

Contact our public charter school at (469) 287-8532 for open enrollment information on our flexible schools.