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We made it to Summer Break and we have much to look back on and much ahead as well! Thanks to all our teachers for their hard work, parents for bringing their children to school on time each day, and for the diligence our scholars are showing through their work.

All three locations are chugging along, working hard to stay focused on the work. Our tools such as IStation, Think-Through Math, Achieve 300, and Carnegie Math are helping us know through their reporting abilities, which scholars need extra attention and which ones are soaring! Please make sure your child uses these tools if they are at his/her grade level.

Also, for grades Kinder through 2nd grade, please make sure scholars are doing their two steps of reading each day (or more!) so they stay caught up with their reading program. We love awarding them their incentives as they reach the next 100 steps. Remember, scholars who reach 1000 steps by end of year go to lunch with the superintendent!

Happy with LPCA? Tell your friends and family that we will host school tours at each location all summer long!
Referring families who have a friend or family enroll will receive a polo with the Legacy logo. The new scholar will receive one as well!

Have a wonderful holiday, everyone! We need you all to come back rested and ready to have a strong school year!

Warm Regards,

Dr. Rebecca Good