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What is a Charter School?

Tuition-Free Education

Simply put, a charter school is a publicly funded school that is founded independent of the local public school systems. In order to maintain integrity, charter schools are subjected to rigorous academic accountability testing, which reviews curriculum, faculty, and environment to ensure that the school is meeting state and nationwide educational standards.

A Unique Learning Philosophy

As a Dallas metro charter school, our team at the Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy is able to promote a particular philosophy of learning. Though we are given the freedom to promote our project-based learning environment and to orient our teaching around a STEM culture, we are also accountable to learning standards that are regularly, rigorously tested.

Our charter school provides opportunities that may not be available at public schools, including:

  • An emphasis on the founding of college and career preparatory skills
  • Promotion of a student-led learning environment
  • Specific catering to each individual student’s learning needs through individualized learning techniques

Center for Research on Educational Outcomes Dallas Charter School Study

Below is link to a new blog post on an educational site that details the results of a new study from the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford University on Urban Charter Schools. The study found that Dallas area charter schools performed very well. In fact, it said we outperformed traditional public schools significantly. Check it out at

Enrollment information can be obtained by contacting us at (469) 287-8075.