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About Us


Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy will develop innovative citizens ready to serve and transform our global society.


Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy scholars are reflective, self-reliant and intrinsically motivated citizens capable of impacting their communities by being trailblazers of the future.  

District Color

Royal Blue


Polo Shirt and Khaki Trousers / Skort / Shorts

Colors: Hunter or Forest Green (K-5), Red (6-8) and Purple (9-12)


New Tech Network –

University of Texas in Dallas

Collin College

East Field College

Concordia @ Texas University

American College of Education (ACE)


  • T-STEM Academy in Plano.
  • T-STEM Academy in Mesquite.


  • Our scholars deserve the very best public education that we can provide. Our primary objective is to rigorously prepare each scholar to enter and subsequently succeed in college.
  • We select our teachers and staff one by one, recognizing that we cannot provide a great education for our scholars without seeking and retaining the best possible teachers and school leaders. Our success as educators starts first and foremost with the quality of the teachers in our classrooms.
  • Our schools demand and place high expectations on everyone involved, from our scholars, our teachers, our staff and our board of directors. From great expectations come great results.
  • The dedication of our leadership and staff to the achievement gap, as demonstrated through substantial amounts of real time spent in the classroom, is greater than that found in many other educational institutions. Our uncompromising dedication to making “every second count” when impacting the life of a child is important for LPCA’s success.
  • We believe strongly in the power of student-faculty relationships and foster them through our small school sizes and reduced grade level teams. As a result, each teacher has the power to make a real difference in their student’s lives.
  • Our curriculum must be relevant to the lives of our students, teaching them to be world citizens, tolerant and understanding of how we are all different, yet also recognizing how our common values create a compelling need for us to work together for the greater good.
  • We offer our professionals the opportunity to make a meaningful difference sooner than they might at other organizations. We sufficiently empower our school leaders with more control and input than that found at other schools in the belief that each leader should have the ability to control their team and their environment.
  • We are fully accountable to all of our stakeholders, especially the parents of our children and the taxpayers and philanthropic organizations who provide our funding. We measure and report our results on an ongoing basis to all those who have given us their trust.
  • We expect all members of our school community to maintain high ethical standards, both in their professional responsibilities and in their personal lives. Integrity is not a grey area that can be negotiated nor compromised.
  • While we take great pride in the quality of the education that we provide, we also seek to continually reflect and improve upon it by sharing our most successful approaches across each of our schools while also seeking to learn best practices developed at other institutions. We must recognize that we can always be better.