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In the K-10 school classroom, a healthy lunch is a crucial part of a successful day. If you are on the hunt for healthy lunch ideas for your picky eater, this video can help.

Oftentimes, you can make healthy foods more appealing to kids by putting them together in a fun way. Use lunchmeat and chopped veggies to create roll-ups that look like dragons or banana and peanut butter “sushi” rolls with whole-wheat tortillas. These lunch ideas will give your child the balanced nutrition he or she needs to succeed in prep school classes.

Many times, our older scholars think it is “cool” not to eat lunch. Parents, please ask your child(ren) to eat something healthy lunch at school. This keeps their brain nicely “fed”.

Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy offers project-based learning and STEM classes in a charter school environment. You can request more information about our prep school serving Plano by calling (469) 552-3696.

When you’re considering educational opportunities for your child, the first step is to understand different school structures. Charter schools typically straddle the line between public and private schools and offer a combination of features from both worlds. Most charter schools have a degree of freedom with their curricula, allowing them to accommodate different learning styles with options like project-based learning and dual-language programs. If you’re weighing up prep school options for your child, here is what you need to know about charter school education.


Unlike private schools, charter schools in Texas receive financial support from the government, and like public schools, they are free for students to attend. Because charter schools receive money from government institutions, they are accountable to the government body that issues their charter. In addition to money from the state, most charter schools also rely on private fundraising efforts and can make up budgetary shortfalls through these funds, which means many charter schools are in a better financial position than public schools.


Charter schools are subject to state guidelines that bar discrimination based on race, gender, or disability, but they are not required to accept all students within a certain geographic region as public schools do. Most charter schools require an application, and generally, spaces are limited. Admission requirements vary from school to school and often depend on the school’s curriculum.


Most charter schools have school boards made up of people with varied backgrounds who make decisions for the school. Legacy is proud of the men and women who make up the Legacy Board!

If you are considering Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy for your child, we encourage you to visit our two Plano campuses to learn more about our education programs, including special education and ESL/ bilingual classes. Contact us today at (469) 552-3696 for more information.