What Makes Charter Schools Different?

Charter schools are public schools that are run independently of the city’s local districts. A charter school uses the Texas state standards to offer specialized programs that are catered to scholars who may have trouble succeeding in a traditional public school environment. Here are just some of the ways that charter schools provide unique and advanced educational environments for kids.

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Freedom From Many School District’s Regulations

Charter schools aren’t subject to the same regulations as the public schools in your city’s school districts. They have greater flexibility in developing their educational programs, and in allocating the funding that they receive. Traditional public schools are often forced adhere to strict regulations that require them to divert crucial funding away from the programs that need it the most. Because charter schools are publicly funded, they provide the benefits of a private prep school education, while remaining tuition-free.

Greater Academic Accountability

Charter school teachers and administrators in Texas are held accountable for the academic success of their students. Each charter school has a performance contract that outlines its mission, educational programs, academic performance goals, and student assessment methods. The school administrators must demonstrate that students have met these performance goals, or the charter school may be in danger of losing its funding. This makes the teachers and administrators particularly motivated to help scholars succeed.

Unique and Specialized Educational Programs

Most charter schools are targeted to students who have special interests and abilities, and offer specialized classes that will help these students excel. In Legacy’s case, we offer dual-language classes of English and Spanish, (with those scholars who come up from Kinder adding Chinese as their third language in 5 th grade), and STEM programs in a project-based learning environment. All scholars in the secondary grades receive their own laptop, so they can have their project briefcase and etextbooks online. Our high school endorsements are information technology and health science. These were chosen based on future job trends. Our afterschool offerings include programming and robotics, (in collaboration with the University of Texas at Dallas - UTD), chess, journalism, and sports. We also weave into our everyday practice a brain-friendly curriculum called Mind Up, to help children to understand how the brain works during emotional times. They also learn different breathing techniques and other self-management techniques.

If you’re considering enrolling your child at Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy, come see what we have to offer. We are proud to give you a tour. To learn more about our educational program, call us today at (469) 249-1099.


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