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Jackson Gent: Belin-Blank Recognition

University of Iowa News Release October, 2017 Belin-Blank Center Honors Students and Teachers Jackson Gent of Plano, TX and a student at the Plano campus of Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy was ...
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STEM Magazine March 2017

Click here for our March 2017 STEM Magazine
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Understanding Parental Involvement

Children may be the scholars at our prep school, but we expect parents to be also be involved! Parental involvement is important for building strong parent-child relationship as well as helping ...
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Tips for Organizing School Supplies

Keeping school supplies at home is important so prep-school scholars can successfully complete their homework and work on any other projects they’re interested in when they’re away from ...
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The Benefits of Learning Another Language

When choosing a prep school for your child, it’s important to look for one that offers classes that will help your child develop academically and socially. Dual-language classes allow children ...
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The Basics of Project Based Learning

Not all classrooms are the same! Different scholars have different learning styles, which is why some teaching techniques are successful with certain scholars and not others. Classrooms that utilize ...
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Spotlight on Engineering Is Elementary (EIE)

Research has shown that to succeed in today’s marketplace, students need to have a STEM-based education rich in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. At Legacy Preparatory Charter ...
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Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

In the K-10 school classroom, a healthy lunch is a crucial part of a successful day. If you are on the hunt for healthy lunch ideas for your picky eater, this video can help. Oftentimes, you can make ...
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What Makes Charter Schools in Texas Different?

When you’re considering educational opportunities for your child, the first step is to understand different school structures. Charter schools typically straddle the line between public and ...
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What Your Scholar Should Be Eating for Lunch

With childhood obesity and associated health problems at an all-time high, kids’ lunches have become a hot topic of conversation. Healthy lunches can not only help kids avoid weight-related ...
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Apply Today!

Tired of public schools? We are now accepting applications for our Mesquite and Plano locations! Visit our website for more information!
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Up Close with STRR Culture

At Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy, our teachers and administrators are committed to creating a learning environment that emphasizes safety, trust, respect, and responsibility. Scholars at our K-10 ...
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Helping Your Teen do Homework

Talking to your teen about school performance can be challenging, but it’s important to be involved in his charter school education. Helping him with homework is one of the best ways to be aware ...
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What Makes Charter Schools Different?

Charter schools are public schools that are run independently of the city’s local districts. A charter school uses the Texas state standards to offer specialized programs that are catered to ...
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Healthy Lunch Ideas for Your Scholar

If your child attends our school, it’s important to make sure that s/he has healthy lunch options that will keep him/her focused and energized throughout the school day. Balanced lunches provide ...
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About Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy

Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy firmly believes that scholars excel when given the proper tools and the freedom to take ownership of their own education. Our prep school utilizes a project-based ...
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The Mission of Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy

Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy is currently a K-10 school that is devoted to preparing its scholars to become the next generation of leaders. Through our exceptionally gifted and dedicated faculty ...
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What Are the Benefits of a Charter School?

A charter school provides an ideal learning environment for young scholars. This type of school offers the high-quality education you might expect from a private school, yet it is publicly funded and ...
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Tips for Parents on How to Talk to Teens

Teenagers are notorious for being difficult to talk to, but it doesn’t have to be this way. As your adolescent works his or her way toward adulthood, it becomes ever more important to speak ...
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